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My daughter has been taking lessons with Jason for a year now and I would highly recommend him to anyone young or old. Jason is kind, patient, a great teacher and a great human!
Kristen Lake
Jason has been teaching my 7yr daughter piano for two years. I am continuously impressed with how he involves her in the learning process, getting her to ‘buy in’ and not just teacher at her. He makes piano fun! She looks forward to lesson time.
Louise Scott
We're very happy with our sons' music lessons with Jason (drums & piano). I particularly like that he is teaching 2-handed piano with chords right off the bat. This is how I wish I'd learned.
Maggie Bailey
Jason is a multi-talented musician with a teaching approach to make any individual successful with their musical goals. We would highly recommend Jason!
Marnie and Don Hunt
Jason is a very natural person to be around who allows you to be comfortable. He has years of experience teaching a multitude of instruments. He is very flexible in his approach to teaching and is able to meet and work with any learning style that serves the individual. He makes it fun and light with goals in mind that help motivate learning and moving forward. My son can't wait until he practices with him every week! Thanks Jason!
Lucie Svatek
Jason has been teaching our daughters for over a year now. He is patient, kind and he works hard to encourage their love of music, celebrates their successes and challenges them just the right amount. The growth they've shown in the time we've been with him is amazing!
Valerie Hopkins
Jason has taught our son the past couple of years. In Luke's own words, Mr Silver is "nice, patient, and teaches me songs I really like!"
Jeff Peck
I highly recommend Music Lessons from Jason. He has been a knowledgeable patient instructor who facilitates a relaxed encouraging atmosphere.
Jennifer Hamilton
Jason is a fantastic, talented hidden gem in the village of Sydenham. He is gifted with a talent in music and easily shares it with the ones he teaches. When teaching my kids he displays flexibilty, patience and kindness. His abilty to follow their lead helps keep them motivated and excited to continue learning. We consider oursleves lucky to have him teach our kids!
Nicole de Melo
My son took lessons from Jason when he was young. I was very impressed with what Jason got from him in a short time when my son was reluctant to practice. Of all the music he has learned, his time with Jason was the most beneficial and confidence-boosting.
Sharon Blackwell
My son is taking lessons with Jason and he really likes his method of teaching. He specifically enjoys learning to play actual songs as a way to learn notes. This method keeps him engaged. As a parent I am pleased with his patience, kindness, and talent.
Carla Michaud
Jason is an extremely knowledgeable and talented musician. As well as being a really great person, he is a very patient, positive and encouraging teacher. I definitely recommend him for music lessons!
Pauline Finora Buitenhuis
I took guitar lessons with Jason for about a year and a bit, I learned way more then I would have with any music school. You get to pick the music you want to play which helps encourages practising. I also started piano and singing before I went away for school, you choose your pace, songs and times that work for you. Definitely recommend!!
Kathleen Furber
Jason was wonderful with my son- he made piano fun and taught songs that really made it enjoyable for a 7 year old boy! - from the hockey night in canada theme song to happy birthday and the imperial death March- he made learning cool and fun and tailored to his interests - I wish I would have had Jason as a teacher when I was younger:)
Dawn Woodland
My brothers and I all took lessons from Jason. He somehow managed to find the time within our sessions to teach not one, not two, but three different instruments at the same time, and was able to teach us in a way that we can and do all play together to this day. To top it off, we were all able to take what he taught us and apply it to instruments we wanted to try outside of lessons. He has a very patient demeanor about him, but also pushes his students to try new things!
Would take lessons from again ?
Jadon Clow
Took lessons for several different instruments with Jason and loved the freedom and patience he brought to every lesson. Jason won’t let you do anything less than what you dream of doing and won’t let you give up on your goal.
Sydney VanCamp
Jason is a very skilled musician, and a thoughtful, helpful, and patient teacher. Lessons with Jason will focus on what you want to learn, and use that as a framework to improve your overall musical ability.
Rob Stewart
Jason is a very talented musician. I took vocal instruction from him. He assisted me in attaining more control and stronger projection. Jason also taught my son vocals and how to accompany himself on the piano.
Jason is an enthusiastic, understanding music professional with a knack for teaching.
Melissa Pellam Coy
This guy knows his stuff. He’s a gifted musician and can play many instruments very well. He has taught my children for years and I highly recommend him to friends whenever I can. He makes learning fun and has the ability to explain things in simple terms that young and old can grasp and put into practice.
Melanie Beckwith
Jason is a wonderful multi instrumentalist and a creative talent. He has well developed teaching skills and loads of patience- very highly recommended!
Michael Goodspeed
I took many piano lessons from Jason. Lessons were always fun and tailored personally to which aspects of my musicianship I want to develop. I learned many skills to improve my piano playing and had a noticeable improvement every lesson.
Oliver Pontbriand
Jason offers a relaxed and comfortable learning space that is perfect for both aspiring and established musicians. He is a patient and talented teacher.
Nicki Abrams-VanCamp
Jason has been a wonderfully patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging voice coach. He has helped me a lot.
Ross Sutherland
Both my kids have taken lessons from Jason. He has a unique approach to teaching that I think appeals to a lot of kids. Jason is also a multi-talented musician himself. He even has his own studio so students can record their music. I highly recommend him.
Karen Pothier
My teenage son has been taking guitar lessons with Jason and he eagerly looks forward to every lesson. Jason encourages my son to play the music he wants and loves to play and is nurturing his love for music. He has made learning music theory fun and interesting and has given him practical opportunities to practice and play with others, by inviting him to join the church band. My son is now interested in learning to play other instruments with Jason's guidance and support.
Heather McKean Veltman
Jason is not only an amazing and talented musician, but he is a very caring and passionate teacher. Not only did both of my boys take lessons, but I took lessons aswell with him. (bass, guitar and drums) I highly recommend Jason if you are looking into lessons. Jason is the best hands down especially with his approach of teaching. If I could give you a 10 I would lol
Jenn Bauder
"What song do you want to learn to play now?" is something Jason said a lot over the course of my guitar lessons with him, and really sets him apart from other teachers I had. Before Jason, my previous attempts at learning instruments were bogged down with theory, having to learn "classic" songs that didn't interest me, and always ended with me losing interest. Jason let me pick the songs I wanted to learn and then would teach me the required chords and techniques as they came up. This way nothing felt forced and I was always working towards something I was actually interested in. Today, I have the ability to teach myself any song I want thanks to him. He's very talented and a great teacher!
McCulla Grant

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Jennifer Bauder

Jason is not only an amazing and talented musician, but he is a very caring and passionate teacher. Not only did both of my boys take lessons, but I took lessons aswell with him. (bass, guitar and drums) I highly recommend Jason if you are looking into lessons. Jason is the best hands down especially with his approach of teaching. If I could give you a 10 I would lol
Jenn Bauder


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