Heather Alton

The Only Exception

A Little Bit Stronger

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

New Song


If I Die Young

Sophia Beckwith

Stay With Me


Ally Bennett

Various Live Recordings

How to Save a Llife

A Thousand Years

Here Comes Goodbye

I Won't Give Up

Madison Benoit

Various Drum Beats

Country Girl, Shake It

Noah Benoit

Go Go Power Rangers

Noah's Songs

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Ben Black

Here I Am to Worship

Desperate Fate

Away In a Manger

Dominic Blackwell

Bless The Lord, O My Soul

Down By the Station

Abbey Blais

I Love Lime Green

Eli Chubaty

Ferdie, and Yellow Submarine

Jingle Bells

Lily Chubaty



Let It Snow

Melissa Coy

The Christmas Song

All The Way

East of the Sun

Owen Desjardins

Dr. Who

Sandi Desjardins

Cant be Loved

Mama This Ones For You

I Told You I Was Mean

A Little Wicked

I'm Not in Love


At Last

Kathleen Furber

She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)

Stitches (Shawn Mendes)

McCulla Grant

Classical Gas

Erin Green

You Belong With Me - Guitar Only

You Belong With Me - Vocals

Our Song

Liam Harris


Zombie Sasquatch

Joel Horton

Tomorrow - Annie


Sean Kasserra

Various Songs

Eye of the Tiger

Faith Laframboise

Unfriend You

Been Here All Along

Jenny Lapp

Classical Gas

Dust In the Wind

Love Song

Tim Lapp

Colours Dance

Penny Lane

Meredith Leyenhorst

Help, I'm Alive

Cole McIsaac

I'll Be Home for Christmas


Hudson Moon

The Cat Named Aidan

Jamming on Drums

Preston Moon

I'm Yours

Hey Soul Sister

Rhiannon Murphy

Part of Me

Maybe (From Annie)

Avery Nelder

Happy Birthday Grandma

Hold On

Lerissa Pangilinan

I See the Light

Oliver Pontbriand

Aire and Death Waltz

Reconstructing Science

I Don't Want to Say Goodbye

Unnamed Original Song


Michelle Popovits


Caitlyn Pothier

Place In This World


See You Again

Hannah Schaub

Free and Wild

No recording available

Rose Silver


Blank Space

Seth Silver

Mad World

Brandy, Ryan and Ben Snider

Joy to the World

Kevin Stewart

Only the Good Die Young

Whistle for the Choir

New York's Not My Home

Shake Me Down

Mad World

Let It Be

Rob Stewart

Well Enough Alone

New Song

Madi Strong

Behind Blue Eyes

Stolen Kisses

I Found a Boy

Half of My Heart

Jessica Thomas

Happy Birthday

Teardrops On My Gutiar

Sydney Van Camp

Book of Love

Moon River

Sisters of Mercy


Eleanor Rigby

Rolling in the Deep

Sweet Caroline

Now Booking


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Rob Stewart

Jason is a very skilled musician, and a thoughtful, helpful, and patient teacher. Lessons with Jason will focus on what you want to learn, and use that as a framework to improve your overall musical ability.
Rob Stewart


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Jenny came to me with an existing talent for folk finger-picking, and ... more

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