Frequent Questions

Do you come into the home to teach?
No, my lessons take place in my music studio in Sydenham Village.

Where are you located?
I'm at 4362 Amelia Street, in the village of Sydenham, across from the legion hall.

What door do I use?
I have a staircase that goes up to my studio at the back of the house. There's a sidewalk along the right side of the house which you can use to get to the stairs.

How often are the lessons? Do I book every week?
Lessons are weekly, unless pre-arranged with me. When you book your first lesson time, they automatically recur every week at that same time.

What if I want to do lessons every second week, or make some other custom schedule?
Sometimes this might work, but usually it makes it hard for me to fill the days you're not coming in. Ask me in person if you would like more information.

Do you provide instruments, or should I bring my own?
I don't provide an instrument for taking home. If your instrument isn't very portable, (drums, piano, for example), then you can use one of mine during the lesson. If you want to borrow instead of buy, I recommend Joe's M.I.L.L. in Kingston (Musical Instrument Lending Library).

Is there anything else I should bring?
Please bring a booklet that can stay open when placed on a music stand, without falling over or collapsing. We'll use that to take notes, write out chords, songs, etc.

What system do you use for teaching?
I've been teaching since 1993, and over this time, I've developed and refined my own method, especially within the last twelve years. For beginner students, I teach them essentials so they can start playing songs as quickly as possible. I encourage students to suggest songs they would like to learn.
For more advanced students, I try to explain the systems behind why music works, and to find and fill holes in their comprehension of music.

I'm taking piano lessons, but only have a keyboard. Is this sufficient?
Maybe. If you're just a beginner, it's probably fine. Having a keyboard that responds to heavy or light playing (touch sensitive) is important, and having regular sized keys (not mini keys) is important as well.

I'm learning bass or guitar Do I need to also bring my amplifier?
No, I have amplifiers in my studio which you can plug into.

How long are the lessons?
Most students prefer 30 minute lessons, but I also teach one hour lessons to those who want more lesson time.

I see lessons run for the year from September to June 30th... can we do a trial period first?
Yes. If you'd like to try it out for a month to see if things are compatible, that's completely fine with me. I like to know this is the arrangement at the beginning, in case there are people waiting for a lesson spot. (I can let them know a spot might be coming up next month).

Will I be able to watch my child during the lesson?
This is really up to you. Some students focus better with mom or dad there to snap the whip. Other kids open up more or are less distracted when their parents aren't watching. You likely know what's best for your children.

How much are the lessons?
Lessons are $30 per half hour.

When do you take payment?
I ask for payment at the beginning of each month for all the lessons in the month. Please let me know if you have difficulty with this system. and we can try to work out an alternate arrangement.

What payment forms do you accept?
I acccept cash, cheque, VISA, and bank transfer.

For e-transfer, which email should I send payment to?
Please use deposit@rockandroll101.ca

Can I get a receipt for payment?
Yes, I have an automatic receipt system, so if you like, I can send you a PDF by email.

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Sophia Beckwith

This guy knows his stuff. He’s a gifted musician and can play many instruments very well. He has taught my children for years and I highly recommend him to friends whenever I can. He makes learning fun and has the ability to explain things in simple terms that young and old can grasp and put into practice.
Melanie Beckwith


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