Group Classes

This list is for people interested in joining a beginner or intermediate guitar class. The classes are one hour long from July 6th until July 27th.

The cost classes is $100 for a month of weekly, one hour lessons.

If you'd rather sign up for one-on-one lessons, send me a note, or select a time on the calendar..

Available Classes

  1. Beginner Guitar Group Classes

    Objectives: Learn parts of guitar, play at least 15 chords, read simple chord charts, understand chord diagrams, tune a guitar, simple strumming and a bit of finger-picking.

    1. Week 1:
      • Terminology;
      • Tuning your guitar;
      • First 'Cowboy' Chords A, E, G, Am, Em;
      • Reading chord diagrams;
      • First Strum Pattern;
      • First simple song;
    2. Week 2:
      • More Strumming Patterns;
      • Rest of common chords C, D, F, Bm, Dm, F#m;
      • Chord chart system of music;
      • Two more simple beginning songs
    3. Week 3:
      • Explanation and learning of 7ths and suspended chords
      • Learning another song with these chords
      • Open Time for Student's Questions and Goals
    4. Week 4:
      • Finger picking approach
      • Bass note strings for each chord
      • Another song
  2. Intermediate Guitar 1 'Neck Logic' Group Classes

    Requirements: Students should have a solid knowledge of strumming and most open string guitar chords.
    Objectives: Find major, minor, 7th, sus chord anywhere on the neck, understand the relationship between chords, understand the circle of fifths,

    1. Week 1:
      • Explanation of the numbering system;
      • Pentatonic vs Western Major Scale;
      • tones and semi tones (T T S T T T S);
      • circle of fifths;
      • relationship between notes in scale;
      • practical application;
      • E shape and A shape major and minor chords
    2. Week 2:
      • Review of numbering system;
      • circle of fifths reference;
      • E-shape tonic system compared to A-shape tonic system;
      • playing through some sample songs using method;
    3. Week 3:
      • A-shape tonic system;
      • octaves and 'chess 5th and double chess 8ve,' move;
      • finding alternate chords on the fly;
      • real world applications;
      • trying it
    4. Week 4:
      • 'Home Row' root (tonic) on 5th scale;
      • Reference to other scale with root on 6th;
      • principles of melody and patterns;
      • 12-bar blues and blue notes, (equal temperament implications);
      • opportunity to make some melodies together

Now Booking

Lessons will be starting next month - it's important to book your spot early to avoid disappointment.


What People Say

Jennifer Bauder

Jason is not only an amazing and talented musician, but he is a very caring and passionate teacher. Not only did both of my boys take lessons, but I took lessons aswell with him. (bass, guitar and drums) I highly recommend Jason if you are looking into lessons. Jason is the best hands down especially with his approach of teaching. If I could give you a 10 I would lol
Jenn Bauder


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